Saturday, December 20, 2008

Planning the 0.3 demo

As discussed swiftly in our previous meeting, we will be progressively developing a number of game versions, which are to be built with engine features as they come.

With the features available in 0.2 and some of the features yet to come in 0.3, we will create a generic I2B game to get off the ground. Yet to be named, this game will feature aspects of the popular asteroid series, along with our own. This first title will paint a useful picture that illustrates how we can develop the next title for I2B; based on improvement and inspiration.

Further discussions are to be made regarding engine versions 0.4; to make a final conclusion about what we want to present to the public then; something more geared towards our RPG concepts , Blakes modular ship (entity) designs and along with other features.

3D mesh support has been discussed and will be featured in future I2B releases

I am presently writing psuedo code for the I2B Asteroids game, seperated under the headings within the following diagram.

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