Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ship Building GUI mockup

A quick mockup of part of the ship building GUI. Select level (levels can be named or renamed by double clicking on the text area), select the aspect (on the wheel) that you want to deal with.

I'm trying to think of a better term than "mobiles" for crew and passengers... actually, "Passengers" probably works. This because it isn't always just crew, but robots, willing passengers, and possibly intruders (parasitic space creatures?) or others.

I used the word "Objects" for items... ideally, we need four words that are about the same length. All of those terms will probably change, although structure may be a keeper.

Below the aspect wheel would be the tools for editing that aspect; I haven't figured out what all of them should be yet.

-There will be a "Selection" tool, for selecting pieces (or groups of fused pieces), or items. Clicking selects. Holding shift and clicking selects multiples, or dragging where there are no items creates a "lasso" selection.

Clicking, holding down, and dragging on a selected item attempts to move it. If the item is structure, this will also move all structure that is fused to it (on all layers), and all items that are installed on all of those pieces of structure. During structure editing, mobiles are also moved as if they are installed items.

If this is an item, it can only be moved if it is not installed onto structure.

-There will be an information button, which pops up a window about the selected item or piece, over the ship.

-There will almost certainly be some kind of "Grab and Place" tool, for removing things from the scene and putting them down elsewhere. This is like a cut and paste, and will be how an entire hull can be removed from one ship editing window and put in another to be fused in.

-There will also be a couple rotate buttons, one for clockwise, and one for counter-clockwise.

If a group of fused items, or an item, cannot exist where it is (due to being moved or rotated into a position) it appears as 50% transparent over top.

-There will be a "Install/Uninstall" tool, for fusing pieces together (in structure), or dismantling them, or installing and uninstalling items. The "Install/Uninstall" tool is more complicated, and has a drop-down selection next to it. This selection contains all possible install and uninstall options available for the selected piece.

Clicking and dragging from one piece to another breaks two fused pieces apart by the selected method. Clicking and dragging from one to another fuses two un-fused parts by the selected method. Clicking and not dragging fuses or un-fuses 'vertically' (down into the structure of the lower deck). A vertical fuse is indicated while editing by a white circle with an X in it.

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