Thursday, January 29, 2009

Creating visual primitives

Firstly I will be creating 100+ basic primitives. Then I will use these primitives to create small entities like gadgets, weapons, map sections and symbols. Finally, the small entities will be used to make the complex entities, modular ships and map scenery.

Basic primitives. Any 3D modeller is welcome to join in by copying what I'm doing, and placing the work as I have done in the WIP/3DObjects/Detail folder. The themes for primitives range from machinery to nature. There are JPG previews, .OBJ files for editor portability , source files and .X files for the 3D engine. For the 2D engine, I will texture and render PNG files later, along with any texture artists who join.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MSG and Edit GUI assets completed

Message box and its transition, along with an edit box background added to the repository.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I2B menu logo added

I've created logo for our scenes such as main menu, options, new game, credits etc. Pieces of the logo floats into the screen from a distance and forms the logo.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Programmer

Hi I2b members,
I am a new member in your group, joined as programmer.I was given the task
for integrating jpeg images by i2b software lead,which i completed and commited the code.I really like the way and the structure in which you all do your work...Its really very professional :-). I am 24/m/india..have done my BS in computer science,very passionate about
games.Will get to know each one of you shortly.....


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Forums Reopened

We have re-opened our ancient forums after upgrading, refining, and removing all the dust.

It can be accessed at At this time the forums are for our internal discussions only, but we may open public boards as well in the future.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Menu logo

Ok, one minute everything is running normal on my machine, the next minute I'm having problems seeing anything in the game engine and I can't save .pngs from one of my editors. Something tells me my graphics card drivers might need an update.

I was about to inspect the main menu logo in the engine; I was going to put a black hole behind it and have the logo travel through it and into position. So far I've just added the logo. Can someone tell me how it looks above the buttons; is it efficient? is it aligned?

When I resolve this graphics card issue I'll add the black hole (which is currently too large at 7mb) and the button updates.

Human Spawn Icon


Here is the set of icons as per size and description requirements.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Entity property queries now available

We can now query entity properties using the new Property Query action. It would look as follows:


Suppose we have an entity called "Ship77" and has a string property called "PilotName" the following command would display its pilot name on the console:


Note, however, that due to the restrictions of the Echo action it can only accept string parameters, so if the property is not a string it won't work in this case, but the query action works for all types including more complex types such as arrays.

External programs

The new ExecuteExternalProgram action is now available through the console and scripts. Here is an example of how it can be invoked:


This little example opens a command prompt terminal.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Main menu ideas

Can anyone available please run the game using the default script (Startup.script), just press enter when it loads.

Any ideas what to add, take way adjust? I'll add the logo next and discuss sound with Dan, but first I'm going to have to crop the button animation because the mouse over area exceeds the visual; it is possible to mouse over two buttons at once; I think this is because of a drop shadow effect, for when the button is placed on top of something bright rather than the night sky.

I need an artist/modeller to create those message boxes in the art task post; see our group discussion board.

Some icon ideas

Missile/rocket, laser, flame(thrower) icons
Error, warning signs

View Angles

It may be a good idea to adjust the viewing angle of our maps, so that we show more graphical detail of our content. This will be good for planet and spacebase maps. We have been adjusting the X&Y angle, but perhaps it would look nicer with the X angle changed alone, as illustrated above.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Starting Demo Development Scripting

Map Building
Although our scene editor is progressing really well; it is going to take a while before it will be complete enough to speed up map development.

I will be using Multi Media Fusion to build the maps and scenes in the mean time. I have programming of my own to do, parsing MMF INI files into our XML format.

I would be greatful if any programmers could volunteer to do such a thing for me, parse a group of INI files into our XML format. I won't spend any time changing the MMF INI format, so what you are provided in INI format may not make the best sense, but will be efficient for the task. (more details to be provided). If anyone is available I will post the feature on Mantis, otherwise I will start making the parser on Wednesday; which should be ready by Saturday. Any help checking and optimising the XML files would be helpful aswell.


Currently the engine is running wonderfully on my computer. The programmers have solved my issue, I can load maps rather smoothly and now my FPS is normal. This is the main reason why I can now start building the demo; for the past 3 months I was unable to load the engine correctly.

Art and Modeling Required
I have posted some tasks in the Group Discussion board for our modelers and artists.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Example of 2D art character creation

just came across this web game which clearly uses the character portrait/avatar procedure that has been planned for I2B. The website is at:

You will need to create your avatar (for free; no need to go as far as registering) to see how it looks.

It features a change of backdrop, skin color, hair style, tatoos clothing and other things. The have obviously used layers of sprites to make it work.