Sunday, January 4, 2009

Example of 2D art character creation

just came across this web game which clearly uses the character portrait/avatar procedure that has been planned for I2B. The website is at:

You will need to create your avatar (for free; no need to go as far as registering) to see how it looks.

It features a change of backdrop, skin color, hair style, tatoos clothing and other things. The have obviously used layers of sprites to make it work.

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- said...

Not too bad. Face customization is far more important than they make it, however.

We should only need to do the torso, down to just a bit below the arm pits, to give the general impression of the body and what clothing is being worn.

We need to figure out if we want the profile pictures from the front, or very nearly the front (with only a slight tilt), or if we want better angles on them.

Do we want, for example, a mug shot, or a 3/4 view of the face?

(like this random guy: