Monday, January 12, 2009

Main menu ideas

Can anyone available please run the game using the default script (Startup.script), just press enter when it loads.

Any ideas what to add, take way adjust? I'll add the logo next and discuss sound with Dan, but first I'm going to have to crop the button animation because the mouse over area exceeds the visual; it is possible to mouse over two buttons at once; I think this is because of a drop shadow effect, for when the button is placed on top of something bright rather than the night sky.

I need an artist/modeller to create those message boxes in the art task post; see our group discussion board.


Lotus said...

I think you could create the shadows as separate glyphs in the same group.

The default state should be animated as well so that the transition to the highlighted animation and back again would be smooth

Anonymous said...

I'll smooth the animation some more; and seperate the shadow