Monday, January 5, 2009

Starting Demo Development Scripting

Map Building
Although our scene editor is progressing really well; it is going to take a while before it will be complete enough to speed up map development.

I will be using Multi Media Fusion to build the maps and scenes in the mean time. I have programming of my own to do, parsing MMF INI files into our XML format.

I would be greatful if any programmers could volunteer to do such a thing for me, parse a group of INI files into our XML format. I won't spend any time changing the MMF INI format, so what you are provided in INI format may not make the best sense, but will be efficient for the task. (more details to be provided). If anyone is available I will post the feature on Mantis, otherwise I will start making the parser on Wednesday; which should be ready by Saturday. Any help checking and optimising the XML files would be helpful aswell.


Currently the engine is running wonderfully on my computer. The programmers have solved my issue, I can load maps rather smoothly and now my FPS is normal. This is the main reason why I can now start building the demo; for the past 3 months I was unable to load the engine correctly.

Art and Modeling Required
I have posted some tasks in the Group Discussion board for our modelers and artists.

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