Monday, January 12, 2009

View Angles

It may be a good idea to adjust the viewing angle of our maps, so that we show more graphical detail of our content. This will be good for planet and spacebase maps. We have been adjusting the X&Y angle, but perhaps it would look nicer with the X angle changed alone, as illustrated above.


- said...

How is the 3d coming along?

With 3d, this is easy, with 2d, it makes much more work.

The 45 degree angle to the plane is good, but we'll need to be able to rotate any maps to see behind obscuring objects at that angle.

I think we need to consider how much we actually want to focus on planets as opposed to space, though.

Lotus said...

As far as 3D is concerned, we have only decided to use the .X format but did not start implementation yet.

Work on 3D realtime rendering will start after the first demo is released, since it has a lower priority.

- said...

Well, if the 3d is definitely a go, I think maybe we should not devote too many resources to 2d on-planet graphics, as a height-map or like would be better suited for use as the ground on a planet in a 3d rendering.