Friday, March 13, 2009

3D Rendering

Hi I2B members,
I'm Riccardo and I recently joined the I2B project as a 3D graphics programmer.
I'm 31 and I'm Italian, but at the moment I'm living in the UK. I have a true passion for videogames, I have always been playing them, and I'm really excited to join such a big project. I looked at the code and arts, and I was impressed. I'm very glad to work together with such talented people.
My first contribution to the game is an X file loader and renderer with OpenGL. Here it is a screenshot of the very first 3D rendering. I'll do my best to improve it soon.

See you on the next MSN meeting, or on the boards.
And forgive me for my crap English, I just moved in UK some weeks ago and I still have to practise the language ;)

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Anonymous said...

Nice one, this is a significant milestone