Thursday, March 26, 2009

General Window Archive

I've created some general purpose windows in Cinema 4D, 180 in total, uploaded in the Archive/GraphicPrototypes/Manufactured Elements/Windows folder. Feel free to use these grey scale renders to make textures and height maps for entities with windows.

You can also access to original C4D file, or request a .OBJ. I have saved the first 5 as OBJs.

As a reminder; the WIP prefab folder is where the basic 3d primitive models are. The archive is where more complex game ready objects (and textures) are stored. At the moment, the archive content is geared towards the demo, not the 3d engine, so the models there currently have an excess of polygons, but when working on the 3d game, a little more time will be spent keeping the polygon count down.

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