Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I've been very busy and have spent a limited amount of time on the project, but from Monday 5th october I will start arranging meetings again. I may not be on broadband at my place, it depends how so I manage to get round to setting up my computers. But I will be less busy from then on and will attend at someone else place. I will be recruiting more members prior to that day so we can get more done more quickly. Currently I'm working on a feature in my scene editor which converts html to a scene, which may sound strange to some, but this would be a efficient way to create complex UI screens, since the artists and designers are proficient with web design; any web designer would then be able to create UI XML for our engine without knowledge of how the engine works or about the scripts; it is just a matter of 5-7 days before I can start it, and it will only support the HTML tags and custom tags we are interested in. It will save time, making adjustments to button positions, sizes can be made instantly this way. alot of time and it would mean we could easily find more people to help with the demo. As for game maps, the scene editor would handle that.

I will aso be creating a generator for sci fi space bases, buildings and machines, perhaps 2-3 weeks work or so, but it will produce about 300-500 basic sci fi buildings and machines, with our exclusive royalties. It will be a challenge to make them look extremely different from each other, but I've done a reasonable job with the rocket and planet generators. I will attempt to perform boolean operations and polygon optimization so that the objects can be used in the 3d engine aswell. Obviously in a sci-fi environment, there are alot of buildings in machines everywhere; think starwars death star; so to imagine 1 or 2 people modeling one object per hour to make up an entire universe would be unlikely. Instead I will program Cinema 4D to do the job; so the artists can focus on the primary 3d objects such as spacecraft, characters and weapons.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Repository Up and Running

Our repository is finally up again and we're back in business. No changes are required to access the repository.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Back in action

I'm finally back online and ready to resume I2B work. The repository is still not back online, as I'm still figuring the best way to set up the server.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Scene editor

I have been busy building an alternative scene editor and incorporating it inside a software package which is part of a game design tool project. I intend to invest more time on the editor so that more people can get involved with the scene building without having to learn XML and the I2B script. As the first step, I have developed the following functions:
  • Load XML and format if necessary. It will overwrite the existing XML file and 'empty element tags' to full ones. (My parser does not read empty element tags)
  • Load the Class Dictionary
  • Load Assets and populate sprites in a list
  • Load Prototypes and populate an entity prototype list
  • Create entity instances a scene (After selecting a prototype in a list which turns creation mode on )
  • Drag entity instances around (After escaping creation mode by pressing escape )
  • Rename the instances
  • Visualise their bounding box area, anchor point and center point
  • Save the scene file

The next step will be correct bugs and tidy things up. The main problem is the fact that the engine reduces images larger than 4096 pixels in height or width. I will provide a means to work with glyphs, more than 1 layer and large scene areas with different parallax settings. Provide a means to create prototypes, edit properties, create classes, load scenes, edit sprites, edit actions, edit events and anything else required to develop I2B scenarios quickly.
The program uses two executable; a main interface and a scene canvas. The attached zip file contains GDesign.exe in the root folder which is all that needs to be run, Direct X 9 would need to be installed for it to work. It should then ask you to specify where your scene folder is stored, EG: c:\I2B\Repository\Binaries\Spacecraft\.

To operate, you simply need to select an asset file in the file browser. You must first select a file such as LotusAssets.xml, then it will display 'Assets' as the file type if the program recogonizes your selection as an asset file. Then you double click to load. You will see a list of assets appear in the asset browser, which will take a while to load, especially if you are loading many assets.
Next you need to load a prototypes file, such as LotusEntityPrototypes.xml, in the same fashion as done with the assets file; the difference is that the entity browser is loaded with entities you can insert. Once you select one, you can select the canvas and plot the entity in the scene. You can edit previously created entities after pressing the escape key to exit creation mode.

I will be uploading the latest editor in the group page.